Venous Health

Venous Health for more Quality of Life

Healthy veins are an important prerequisite for healthy legs and integral fitness. The leg veins supply the legs with blood. Every day, about 7.000 liters of blood have to be pumped back up to the heart from the feet, against gravity, in order to be enriched again with oxygen in the lungs. If the veins are overburdened or cannot fulfill this function for various reasons, swollen, tired and sometimes painful legs are the result. Visible varicose veins are not always noticeable. Also deeper lying veins can have malfunctions and cause problems.

Venous health is not a question of age!

Did you know that

• one in five Germans suffers from impaired circulation or arterio sclerosis in feet and legs? 

• for fifteen percent of the afflicted an amputation of toes or feet will be necessary within five years?

• smokers and diabetics even have a five times higher risk of an amputation?

• the so-called “hardening of the arteries” or impaired circulation in the legs increases the risk of heart attacks or strokes?

• in nearly 50 % of the patients the illness is not even being diagnosed?

Typical signs of impaired circulation or hardening of the arteries are tired, heavy legs or feet, sometimes a numb or prickling feeling, also burning or pain.

Walking longer distances gets cumbersome, resting more frequent. Later the skin starts discoloring. Small injuries quickly become large wounds, ulcers can begin to form and the skin becomes necrotic. 

Do something for your venous health in time!

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